Dr.O.K.Wack Chemie GmbH

S100 High Gloss Polish

High gloss polish for aluminium, chrome and black engine parts Removes traces of corrosion, scratches, blemishes etc....

84,00 HRK

S100 Technical Fabric & Leather Wash

For textile and leather S100 Technical Fabric & Leather Wash offers excellent cleaning performance, and restores the...

84,00 HRK

S100 Reproofing Spray

Permanent protection against wetness an evaporation cold Excellent moisture protection with extremely long-lasting...

109,00 HRK

S100 Paint and Plastic Polish

Deep gloss on all smooth surfaces Deep gloss on all smooth surfaces, such as painted metal parts (unicolour,...

92,00 HRK

S100 Leather-Cleaner

NEW: Gently removes dirt and stains reaching deep into the pores Removes dirt such as insects residues, grease,...

84,00 HRK

S100 Glanz-Wachs Spray

Long protection – Deep colour depth – Quick cleaning Using the new CARNAUBA BOOSTER TECHNOLOGY takes the features of...

85,00 HRK

S100 Matt-Wax Spray

NEW: Maintains original matt effect and protects for an extremely long time. For paint and foil coating! Protects from...

105,00 HRK

S100 Colour refresher

Transparent Colour refresher for black engine parts, plastics, etc. S100 Colour refresher is a transparent colour...

117,00 HRK

S100 Helmet Lining Cleaner

S100 Helmet Lining Cleaner Kicks out dirt, kills odours Thoroughly cleans the helmet lining and eliminates...

92,00 HRK

S100 Seatbench-Care - NEW

Cleans, maintains and protects the motorcycle seat Removes the dirt from the pores Maintains, returns the nutrients...

65,00 HRK

S100 Corrosion Protectant

+ Reliable and effective protection against corrosion S100 Corrosion Protectant is the advancement on S100 Motorcycle...

99,00 HRK

S100 Visor and Helmet Cleaner, incl. microfibre cloth

Scratch and streak-free cleaning for repeated use This product is suitable for all types of visor, regardless of...

109,00 HRK

S100 Visor and Helmet Cleaner

Scratch and streak-free cleaning for on the road S100 Visor and Helmet Cleaner used with a wet cloth instantly removes...

8,00 HRK

S100 White Chain Spray

Extreme adhesion and operational performance Extremely high wear protection, even at maximum stress Significantly...

134,00 HRK

S100 Sauber Sepp

Chain Spray Splash Guard – Prevents soiling when spraying the chain spray S100 Chain Spray Splash Guard prevents...

39,00 HRK

S100 Dry Lube Chain Spray - NEW

Dry Chain Spray – 100% chain adherence and transparency Combines the advantages of grease lubricants and dry...

138,00 HRK

S100 Chain Cleaner

Power Gel - rapid and auto-acting for better mileage S100 Chain Cleaner combines optimum penetration upon spraying...

105,00 HRK

S100 Premium Kettenmax

Premium Chain Maintenance kit for motorbike Premium Kettenmax for a professionell and complete chain cleaning and...

495,00 HRK

S100 Chain Cleaner for Kettenmax

Intensive cleaner specially developed for the Kettenmax kit Specially developed for use with the Kettenmax kit, S100...

125,00 HRK

S100 Total Cleaner + NEW

Innovative drying formula: the first motorcycle cleaner with selfdrying effect! Dries without the need for a chamois...

145,00 HRK

S100 Scratch-Polish

NEW: For paint and plastic – only 1 operation Scratches are removed for good and not just covered up. Scratches are...

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